Heart Of Gold


I was down on my knees for 40 years in the desert
She appeared like a dream, she said don’t forget it
I watched her in wonder lost in the sparkle of her eyes
I was nothing but invisible, just an ordinary guy

She was standing in the doorway stirring her sloe gin with her finger
I was frozen in the corner watching her majesty ascendin
And I left my little world behind and wandered my way over
She looked up from her glass
And she said, "how ya doin’ soldier?"

Oh Mary
Oh my my Mary

She said she likes to dance the beat
If the groove gods move her
It’s raining in the summer streets
She’ll kick them shoes off
She says she’s plain Jane, but I don’t need to be told
She’s got a heart of gold
Yeah she’s got a heart of gold

She whispered in my ear I felt like flying
She twirled out onto the boulevard I was blinded
Oh Mary
Oh my my Mary, Mary

Now every second of that night’s been replaying in my mind
Like some kinda mystery I was destined to unwind
Yeah she saw something in me and drug me in out of the cold
I surrendered at her feet and waited for my future to unfold
Oh Mary
Oh Mary
Yeah Mary

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