"Had Stevie Nicks ditched Fleetwood Mac and joined Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
circa Damn the Torpedoes, this heartland-rock anthem might've found a home
on Side A, sandwiched between "Even the Losers" and "Shadow of a Doubt."
A flashback to the glory days of Seventies pop-rock, "Standing in the Shadows"
lights up with coed harmonies, electric-guitar jangle and California cool."
Rolling Stone

In an era of computer-made, beat-driven music, Grand Canyon is the antithesis of modern music. However, by focusing on musicianship and timeless songwriting, and drawing on the inspiration of the classic sounds and arrangements of the 70s, it is the kind of music that will be wafting through the canyons for a long time.

The Los Angeles based rock and roll band followed up their self-recorded debut album, Le Grand Cañon with a five song EP, "Yesterday's News" on Aug 2nd, 2019. A set of songs that the LA Times said, "seems to run on rocket fuel, it showcases a band that soars with confidence, equally adept at expressing Saturday night fury and Sunday morning reflection."

Their new album "Forevermore" is available now on Bodan Kuma Recordings.

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